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One of the most common questions among new bloggers and those that are teetering on the idea of blogging is, "Is blogging dead?"

As the times change, it's important to be mindful of how people consume information and adapt as necessary. But blogging is most definitely not dead! The unique part of your business as a blogger is your story, and since you're the only one with it, there is room for you at the table.

Here are some tips for my new bloggers (or my seasoned ones) as you travel the journey:

1. When Inspiration Hits, Write It Down

As a creator, inspiration comes at the strangest times. In the shower, in the grocery store, while listening to a sermon, when talking to a friend, and the list goes on. Don't make the mistake of thinking that you'll remember these ideas when you need them. Trust me; I make the mistake often. Write it down.

I use the note section of my phone while I have ideas on the go. If I'm home, I have a book for ideas and brain dumping that I make great use of. You may not use these ideas right away, but they are great for days that you need inspiration or for days that you're stumped for content.

2. Understand Your Writing Style

This can take some time to figure out, but when you do, it changes everything. Some bloggers are very formal in their writing styles, and some bloggers are very casual in their writing styles. Then there are bloggers who are somewhere in the middle of that... that's where I find myself.

The great part about this is, there is no right or wrong. But, defining your tone will help your writing flow naturally. If you're having difficulty, try starting with how you speak. See how that feels, and then tweak from there.

3. Post Consistently

Consistency, as I'm sure you've heard, is key! Being consistent will be vital to growing your blog, your social media presence, and any other aspect of your business. Your consistency will be reflected in your analytics, but it will also be reflected internally as you strengthen your blogger and personal brand skills.

Let's just be honest. No one likes to be on the receiving end of inconsistency. As a blogger, you will have to determine what consistency is for you. Be realistic with your goals, but also push yourself towards growth.

Pro tip: Being inconsistent is a quick way to lose the interest of your audience.

Photography // Thalia Nino

4. Have A Call To Action

If you want your audience to do something, you need to tell them. It's really as simple as that. Until you're at the place where your readership is booming with pageviews, it's on you to direct your readers to your blog. If you want them to subscribe to your mailing list, tell them. If you want your audience to read your last blog post, tell them. If you want them to purchase a product or service from you, girl, you've got to tell them.

Since most of my audience lives on Instagram, I use the platform to direct readers to my blog. Include a call to action in your captions and your IG stories, and make sure the call is clear!

5. Batch Your Content

If you're able to produce quality content on the spot and are super flexible with your time, that awesome for you! For the rest of us, that's probably not the case. Even if you're blogging full-time, I highly encourage you to take the time to plan out your content. Pick days to write out your topics, plan your photo locations, style your outfits, write out captions and blog posts, and shoot.

Making an editorial calendar will be one of the best things you can do for your business. Start by writing out each task in your blog/content process. Then assign a day of the week that you will complete each task. Your editorial calendar will help you stay organized, consistent, and better manage your time.

I hope this was helpful to you. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Cheers to the journey!



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