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I'm doing a lot of home decor shopping these days. More 'window' shopping than anything but still!

Decorating a room for one is different from trying to create a home for myself and my husband. Even though he has given me full reign to decorate as I please, I'm conscious about not making our home too feminine.

My style has changed over the years, but in my 30's, I think I've matured into where my style will stay for a while. I'd describe our apartment as modern-farmhouse meets modern, which I absolutely love. The pieces I buy work perfectly (in my opinion) within the aesthetic of the space.

Because we are still on the journey to purchasing the home of our dreams, I'm intentional about buying items that can move with us. Here is a list of some of my favorite stores for furniture and home decor.

Photography // Thalia Nino

Home Goods

Forever old faithful. I've saved hundreds of dollars finding dupes at Home Goods that I would have otherwise purchased elsewhere. I will warn you: if you are looking for multiples of the same item, you had better be FULLY committed to the search. I purchased our barstools from here. They came in about three or four different wood tones, but no store had more than two of the same. Two days and eight Home Goods locations later, your girl had her four barstools.


Target is just one of those stores that I don't ever plan on purchasing anything from. But when you get there, you just need EVERYTHING. I find that they have great decor and filler pieces. Project 62, Heart & Hand with Magnolia, and Threshold are my favorite lines.

Restoration Hardware

Ok, let me warn you. Restoration will take you into the BIG LEAGUES. I usually start here when I am looking for inspiration. Lots of retailers make dupes from their designs. We own a few furniture pieces from RH. Yes, they are pricey, but they are an investment that we will be bringing with us when we move. They also have an outlet where you can get items for a fraction of the price.

West Elm

West Elm is another favorite. Their pieces are modern, and their clean lines are a great addition to my wooden, more textured pieces. There are dupes everywhere for many of their items, but the quality and overall design are sometimes worth the extra dollars.

Z Gallerie

I have a love/hate relationship with Z Gallerie. We've purchased a few of our large pieces from here, which I LOVE. But the majority of their items are too much on the glam side for my style. Even still, I always resort back to their site when I'm the hunt for a piece, and their showrooms are gorgeous. Great for decor inspo!

There are tons of other stores that I frequent and am always on the hunt for new ones. I'll be sure to keep you all updated on our home decor journey!



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