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Have you ever created something you thought was so incredible just to get no response? I have.

What about working your butt off, and receiving no accolades? I have.

It’s easy to get discouraged when you feel like you’re doing the work, but you’re not reaping the results you envisioned.

Starting out as a blogger and content creator, I struggled with this. Real talk, I still struggle with this. As I do a quick evaluation of my life, I’ve had the same struggle in my career, relationships, and other numerous areas of my life.

As a new blogger and creator, I’ve done my best to give 120%. That means early morning, late nights, countless dollars of investments, and saying no to weekend hangouts with friends to get the work done. There have been times when I’ve put my heart into a piece of content and received nothing but crickets.

Photography // Gianna Falcon

Stepping into a new venture, we often have high expectations of what we would like to get out of our work and often set a timeline of when we expect to see the return. I’m sorry to break it you but, you are not entitled to fast growth or quick success. This can be discouraging, but it is part of the process. The better we understand this, the lesser our chances are to quit.

Every career, financial venture, life event, etc. has a foundation. We cannot skip this stage. This stage comes with hiccups. It comes with a lack of recognition. It may even come with a lack of visible fruit. But the foundation stage is necessary.

Without a solid foundation, what you build will fall. Without a solid foundation, you will crumble with the slightest storm.

Become used to doing the work when no one is watching.

Become used to creating the content when no one is consuming it.

Become used to showing up even when no one else does.

The fruit will come.



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