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I’d be the first to admit that I do not have it all together every day.

Working a full-time job from home, building a business, being a wife, daughter, sister, and friend; the lines can get blurred. Inevitably, sometimes I drop the ball in one area, but planning keeps me as close to having it together as possible.

Organization is my thing. I like lists, post-it notes, notebooks, and am a proud planner junkie. I am typically non-committal when it comes to planners and am always on the hunt for one that will help me stay a little bit more organized than before.

Here’s a peek into some of the tools and the process that keeps my days organized.

Daily Planner

I am a physical planner girl through and through. If it’s not written down in my planner, it likely will not happen. In the past, I used separate planners for each area of my life, but that got a little out of hand, so now I’m working primarily with the Erin Condren Daily Life Planner.

Each day is outlined with my F/T job appointments and meetings, meetings/calls for my business, photoshoots, dinner dates, doctor’s appointments, bill dates, etc. If it’s happening that day, it is scheduled. I will also block out time for self-care, laundry, writing for the blog, and other routine tasks.

I created Plan To Get It Done, a FREE productivity and goal-setting planner to help achieve daily, weekly, and yearly goals, complete tasks, and celebrate your wins. If you’re like me and prefer a physical copy, print out the pages. If you prefer a digital planner, download the pdf and use it with an app like GoodNotes and a stylus pen. If you have not yet downloaded your copy, be sure to get yours today!

Photography // Thalia Nino

Content Planner

Writing for the blog and Instagram have become one of my favorite things to do. I love providing valuable content for my audience, but just like anything else, that takes time and planning. For planning my content, I’m using The Content Planner. It gives me a bird’s eye view of my blog and Instagram posts for the month. I use it also to keep track of any campaigns or partnerships happing for the month, as well as my monthly goals.

One of my favorite parts about this planner is that it has helped me be intentional about celebrating my wins. Each month, I indicate my goals and then break down each of those monthly goals into weekly actionable steps. At the end of each week, I do a little reflecting and write down what my wins were for that week. Always helps to put things into perspective for me when I’m having an off day.

To-Do Lists

Each morning before I start my day, I write out a to-do list. I usually use my daily planner for this, but sometimes I will use a notebook if I need more space. My to-do lists are typically actionable steps required before an appointment I have scheduled or something I need to follow-up on. If I need to do something for my boss, it gets added. If I need to do something for my husband, it gets added. I have a thought that I need to explore later, it gets added.

I recently started using a top 3 to-do list method, which has been going well so far. After making my daily list of to-do’s, I identify the three most important tasks for that day. If my day gets super busy, and I only get to those three, I still maintain a feeling of accomplishment.

I hope this was helpful. If you’re struggling with daily organization, give one of these a try and let me know what you think!



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