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And just like that Itsjessicalindsay, The Blog turns 1!

Wow, where did the time go? I can still vividly remember the days I talked about starting a blog but was too scared to do it. I can also remember when I decided to start the blog, but I was worried that no one would read it. A year later, here we are, thriving!

I started this blog to share my journey through my Poshmark, lifestyle, and self-care. And though so much has changed in the last 365 days, I continue to share my story with the hope of inspiring you to live a life of confidence and purpose.

Blogging has brought me so many incredible experiences, amazing friendships, and phenomenal opportunities that I would have never dreamed of. Since I made it through my first year, I want to share a few things that I've learned that will bring me strongly into year two!

Be Consistent

Anything that you want to do and do well takes consistency. The success you're looking for will not happen overnight. It'll take lots of hard work, tons of dedication, and a whole lot of patience. Along the way, you'll see people come behind you, and you'll see some doing better than you. Take the inspiration as you need, but remember to keep your eyes on your own race. Be consistently yourself, and enjoy the process.

Invest In Yourself

When I started the blog, I worked my corporate job full-time, so my nights and weekends were dedicated to establishing and building my blog. Throughout the past year, I've invested in: a web designer to bring my branding vision to life. Coaching and courses to expand my knowledge on blogging and building a personal brand. Photographers to help me create professional and ad-worthy content. Whether it be money you invest in yourself for services or products to help you build or time spent learning and researching how to build, investing in yourself will always yield a return!

Photography // Marta Skovro

Never Stop Learning

The industry is ever-evolving, and it's so important to keep yourself informed. Challenge yourself to continue learning through reading, mentors, podcasts, and experiences. Don't let the industry move on without you.

Build Community

In my early months of starting the blog, I didn't have much connection with the community, which was pretty lonely. Finding a community of other bloggers and creators became like my own little community of coworkers. We have helped each other in the building stage, answer questions, create content together, and hold each other accountable. When the work gets tiring, these are the ones who will hold you up. Find your tribe and keep them close.

Special thanks to each and every one of you. Whether you're here for the first time or you've been around since day 1, your encouragement and support keep me going! Thank you, and cheers to year 1!



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