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For years, I never knew what my purpose was. I would watch others walk so confidently in theirs and pray, "God! What is it that you put me on this earth to do." I remember being so frustrated with the fact that it seemed like He wouldn't answer.

My entire life, I've had passions that all seemed random. In high school, I sparked a desire for photography and started the photography club there. I later went on to college to receive my BA in Fine Arts Photography.

Entrepreneurship and business were also recurring themes in my life. Since childhood, I was always contemplating a master plan to make money. Selling cookies in church, going to BJ's, and reselling candy at school, Mary Kay, Arbonne. You name it, I've probably had a hand in it.

Writing was another love of mine. There's something about putting the right words together that excites me. From middle school to high school, I dreamt of pursuing life as a poet...whatever that meant. In later years, I considered editing of some sort. Another desire that just seemed to dwindle away.

There always seemed to come a point where I would feel unsatisfied with all of these passions and need to move on. It was incredibly frustrating that I seemed unable to follow-through on any one of my desires.

Then I found Poshmark. It was a way for me to make some money on the side. I did some extensive research, and I saw people making a full-time living off selling their clothes and shoes online. So naturally, I dove right in. I'd been consistently selling on the platform for over two years and had found a strong Poshmark and reseller community on Instagram that motivated me to build my business. Some of the girls I would often look to for resources and knowledge about reselling had YouTube channels and large Instagram followings. I knew that a big contributing factor to their massive sales was their huge online social presence. I was inspired to see regular girls make so much money doing what I loved, but none of them looked like me.

Because of that, I decided I was going to grow my Poshmark business and my social media presence to be another inspiration for the community, but this time, one that women of color could relate to. After months of building a brand for my Poshmark business, I wanted more. Offering tips and tricks to other resellers and showing them how to develop their businesses was fun, but I wanted to provide more. I wanted to share more of my life; who Jessica was behind the Poshmark closet.

Photography // Taylor Baldwin

I invested in a consultation with a branding coach. She challenged me to think about what I wanted and what I had to offer to this space. Not knowing exactly what I wanted, I wrote down all the things that I believed God put in me, just hoping someone would help me make sense of it all. After some help getting my thoughts and ideas together, the foundation was laid for what we know today as ItsJessicaLindsay. Today, I am a lifestyle influencer, blogger, and content creator, that inspires women to live a life of confidence and purpose.

It's been over a year since I started my personal brand and in this short time, I'm watching God literally unfold purpose in front of my eyes. It's not what I envisioned for myself, and I know that I have not come to the full realization of what I am uniquely called to do, but the journey is remarkable.

Thank you for traveling along with me!



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