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Few beauty decisions are more personal than the fragrance you wear. It has become one of my favorite accessories and is a great way to add some luxe into your everyday.

I love the idea of a woman owning her scent, staying faithful to it confidently. While I rotate scents often, I always return to the staples in my perfume collection.

Scents are very personal, and while there are “cult favorites,” what vibes with my chemistry may not vibe with yours. So when it comes to fragrance, I suggest you try before you buy!. Here is my list of signature fragrances that are worth adding to the wish list:

Chloe | Eau de Parfum

Let’s start with one of my all-time favs and the one I wore on my wedding day. It’s a fresh but confident scent, and makes me feel gorgeous and important each time I put it on. I reach Chloe for special occasions, date nights, or when I need a mood booster. I love that it also lingers, and hubby always notices when I put it on. Wearing it these days will always remind me of my wedding day!

Fragrance Family: Floral

Key notes: Peony, Rose, Honey, Cedarwood

Jo Malone | Wood Sage & Sea Salt

I recently traveled to London, and how could I not visit the Jo Malone boutique and purchase a fragrance? I’ve always had my eye on the Peony & Blush Suede (which I also bought that day), but the sales associate suggested Wood Sage & Sea Salt, and I was pleasantly surprised. It gives me subtle sexy vibes and I reach for this one almost exclusively at night.

One of my favorite things about Jo Malone fragrances is that they are layer-able. They are designed to wear alone or wear together. Since I purchased both, I often wear Wood Sage & Sea Salt with Peony & Blush Suede. I highly recommend it.

Fragrance Family: Fresh

Key notes: Ambrette Seeds, Sea Salt, Sage

Photography // Thalia Nino

Le Labo | Fleur D’Oranger 27

This is a recent find for me, and I immediately added it as a signature of mine. First of all, let’s talk about how they make your very own bottle on the spot and add your name on the packaging. I’m a sucker for a full experience so this had me sold! It’s such a fresh and clean scent, and I’m honestly reaching for this almost daily. If you’re looking for luxe in a bottle, give this one a try.

Fragrance Family: Floral

Key notes: Lemon, Musk, Succulent, Bergamot

Prada | Les Infusions Iris Eau de Parfum

This is hands down one of my all-time favorite fragrances! I’ve been wearing this one for years, and each time I smell it, I smile! It gives you that fresh out of the shower smell and makes me feel like I’m sitting on a powdery cloud of luxury. This scent is subtle but distinct and noticeable, and is perfect for the warmer months!

Fragrance Family: Floral

Key notes: Iris, Mandarin, Neroli

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