At the start of any journey, I hated when people would tell me to be myself. Like, I don't even know what I'm doing. How am I supposed to be myself doing it?⁠

Oftentimes I find that it's not that people don't want to be authentic; they're just not really sure how to go about doing that.

We don't talk much about the awkward stages of showing up as us in the beginning...⁠

"I hate the sound of my own voice."⁠

"I feel out of place on camera."⁠

"My writing doesn't seem captivating."

"This seems weird."⁠

Awkwardness is not an indication that you're doing something "wrong". It's just unfamiliar.

Photography // Ali Folster

⠀ ⁠⠀

Here's my take on what can help...⁠

Take Time To Learn

Learn the basics of your field. Learn them until they become second nature to you. ⁠

Spend Time Studying

Study resources and experts of your field.⁠ "Keeping your eyes on your lane" doesn't mean you don't learn from those that came before you... that's wisdom. Find books, podcasts, articles, leaders in your space, and study them.⁠

Put It Into Practice

Now take all that you've learned and studied and practice. Like really practice. Once you've built a foundation from learning what has already been done, start infusing your own spin on it. ⁠⁠

Rinse And Repeat

Find your rhythm and continue to tweak until you become satisfied with your work. Then continue being consistent with that. The confidence will come. ⁠

In the process, some of what you learn from others you'll keep, some of it you'll throw away. But eventually, it will become your own.⁠

Please remember, if you remain dedicated and consistent to your craft, someone, someday, will be looking to you as the expert. Believe it.



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