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"What will people say" will kill dreams and cause you to miss out on opportunities.

I am growing into my lack of care about others' opinions about my life, my dreams, and my goals. Though I will always continue to be the best version of myself, my need to be accepted by others has significantly decreased. The process has not always been easy, but it has been liberating.

Sometimes we are so concerned with being perceived in a way that doesn't please others, that we filter our actions through the lens of popular opinions. The reality is, people will still have their thoughts about you, sometimes good or sometimes bad. I encourage you not to live in bondage to other people's opinions.

Photography // Thalia Nino

Know Your Worth

First of all, know that you are worthy, you are beautiful, you are loved, and you are unique. No matter what people may say or think, you hold a value that no one can take away. You are fearfully and wonderfully made!

Embrace Your Uniqueness

We're all different, and the beauty is in our uniqueness. Identity and appreciate what makes you unique. This reinforces your sense of self and also helps to prevent you from feeling like you need to change. Also, when you understand your purpose and what brings you joy, it is easier to identify those things (and people) that do not align with your assignment.

Everyone Doesn't Need To Be A Fan

This is such a biggie! You do not need to be liked by everyone, and if you are, you are likely doing something wrong. Having values and standing for something will inevitably make certain people upset. IT'S ALL GOOD! Instead of losing all of your energy trying to please everyone, be yourself. Your people will find you.

Be Your Biggest Cheerleader

No one can hype you up like you can hype you up. It's nice to have the support of others, but we first need to believe in ourselves. We've all got that song that brings us from zero to a hundred. Play it if need be, and remind yourself how poppin' you are.

If you've been feeling discouraged by the opinions of others, be encouraged. Find your affirmations from God and self! Remember, it's ok to go against the grain. Kick-off your shoes and let down your hair. Authenticity wins in the end.



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