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As a micro-influencer (or nano-influencer, depending on who you ask), I often shy away from positioning myself as a leader because I question the value that I bring to this space. So many people have been consistent in the influencer marketing space for years, and after being here for less than two years, I often question the value I have to offer others.

It is so easy only to have sight for who is doing "better" than to evaluate and be confident in the strength within yourself. But being "micro" or "nano" is a reflection of your following count, not of your value and not of your impact.

After self-evaluation and affirmation from my peers, I've mustered up enough confidence to know that at this stage of my journey, what I do, I do well.

It took me some time to realize it, but as much as influencer marketing is a business, it is even more a story of your life, your knowledge, and your experience. You are just sharing it with the world. So though we may be new to the space, we bring years of business experience, time management, organizational skills, photography skills, marketing, multitasking, accounting, writing, and the list goes on.

In my case, I am a planner. My life is planned, my social life is planned, so naturally, my business is planned too. I have a B.A. in photography, so my knowledge and appreciation for visuals, goes into my work as an influencer. As I have become more confident in what I do well personally, I have found joy in sharing my knowledge and experience with those that come behind me and need help navigating their own influencer journey.

Think about your skills and then hone in on them. You'd be surprised how much value you could bring even to those who have been in business years before you. And if you're still struggling to find those skills, here are a few strengths to remind yourself of:

Photography // Ali Folster

⠀ ⁠⠀


I'm sure we've all had that experience of being the new guy on the job. You get there, and there's a bunch of systems in place. You go through the extensive training, and then it's time to get to work. What's always happened with me is that once I learn the rules and systems, I find a different way to approach them, one that works best for me and my workflow. The same thing applies here. Being new brings fresh eyes. It brings innovation. As a micro-influencer, take in as much as you can, then use your fresh perspective to make systems better.


With the tens of thousands of followers that are so coveted also comes the responsibility of keeping up with them. With smaller followings as a micro-influencer, we can really get to know our audience and build relationships, like family. It is easier to respond to every comment, reciprocate the engagement on their pages, and build an organic, highly engaged audience. Our community shows up for us, and they trust us. This, especially to brands, is highly valuable. Don't take it for granted.

Now growth is certainly a goal of mine as I build my brand, but I've had to routinely remind myself that followers, likes, comments, and saves are not reflections of my influence. Instead of thinking about how many am I impacting, I reframe my thinking to how deep I am impacting.

If this does nothing else for you, let it serve as your reminder that you have a place here. You bring value to this space. There is strength in your "micro" influence.



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