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I hate waiting. I hate waiting for my nail polish to dry. I hate waiting for my car to be serviced. I hate waiting for someone who's late for an appointment...I hate it.

When I think about it, it's not so much the act of waiting that bothers me; instead, it's the lack of control I have in removing myself from the situation while I wait. Waiting for my nails to dry (if I want an un-smudged result) requires that I sit still and not move. Waiting for my car to be serviced (if I would like to do without the hassle of renting another car or catching a ride back and forth) requires that I stay in the lobby and wait. Waiting for someone who is late (if I'd like to prevent rescheduling) requires that I stay and wait.

When we are in seasons where God has us waiting, it can often feel like this. It can sometimes feel like a clock is turning and turning while you sit in the waiting room, just praying for him to show up. Now waiting for your nails to dry or your car to get serviced is one thing. But waiting on a miracle from God or waiting for Him to send a breakthrough is a whole other ballgame. With nothing you can physically do to remove yourself from the situation or restore what once was, you feel...stuck.

I know the feeling all too well...but I've learned that waiting on God does not mean sitting in the lobby, twiddling your thumbs. It does not mean sitting idly, waiting for Him to move in your situation, in your life. It does mean actively waiting in anticipation for Him to act.

Here's what I want you to know. Being still and staying inactive are two totally different things. Being still is not moving in directions that we are not supposed to. Refrain from behavior and actions that stem from your fear, your anger, or your defiance. I can personally recall times I've made quick decisions because of my anger, knowing good and well, it was not going to move me closer to what God desired for me.

Now being inactive is different. This is the commonplace that some of us find ourselves in at the beginning of the wait. After the shock and the processing of our situation, we spend days crying, wallowing, grieving, and pleading for God to just do something. For some, this lasts for more than just days. Life literally stops, and everything is centered on this and this alone.

The trick is finding the middle ground. Here are some things you can do in your meantime:

Photography // Thalia Nino


One of the biggest battlefields is in your mind. The devil will use your time of waiting as a weapon against you if you let him. Remember that he is a liar and he's sadly got no new tricks. Fight back your thoughts with the Word. Get a piece of paper, some index cards, or some sticky notes. In every space of your house, write out encouraging scriptures that speak life into your season. Sticky notes are my favorite, and in my house, they are everywhere. It will be an excellent visual reminder that God IS fighting for you, even though you don't have all the details right now.


Write down your heart's desires, pains, frustrations, concerns, and requests. Read them out loud to God, and give them to him. Make a daily habit of getting things off your mind and on paper. Journaling has become a part of my daily quiet time with God. Sometimes I write letters to Him; sometimes, I write letters to myself. Not only is it therapeutic, it will also allow you to look back on how far you've come emotionally and spiritually.


Whatever it is that you are waiting on God for, I guarantee you, it's not all He put you on this earth to do. There is so much more that He has for you and that He expects from you. Keep yourself busy with healthy activities so that you are not perseverating and constantly focused on what you are waiting for. Start or grow your business. Get back in the gym. Find a new hobby. Develop that skill. Time will fly faster, I promise you.


God always wants what is best for you...always. Sometimes, you may feel like He has forgotten you, but He hasn't. While you wait, He is working it out for your good and His glory. Instead of asking why it hasn't happened yet, try shifting your focus to what He is preparing for you.

When you least expect it, God is going to call you out of that waiting room. I encourage you, don't let Him find you in the same place that He left you. Be encouraged.



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